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Here's what some students & clients have to say about their experiences working with Toni Stone:

Thank you Toni, I love you. Your strength, inspiration, love, example, the ever coming messages and relentless communications of hope and light fill my heart with gratitude. Bless you and your loved ones.
-- Muchos besos y amor/IB new mexico

Toni-the tour was wonderful on so many levels. One of the best parts for me was reconnecting with you. I love you so much, and feel that you have shaped the person I am today. Even when we were not in close contact you were with me, your voice and lessons guiding me, encouraging me, challenging me to be greater and more than I thought I could be. Thank you. I just received your latest packet of writings and yet again, I am amazed and delighted. It's so inspiring. You are so inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you!
-- A.O. Los angeles, CA

Hi Toni! I have some happy news to share with you; I got engaged this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have lived together. I am over fifty and this is my first engagement. I am VERY excited. The ring is gold with a diamond in the middle. Just wanted to let you know your coaching is tremendously effective for every arena of life!!!!
-- A Boston Teacher

Received Prosperity book today. Many thanks. Have read quite a bit and already see where there are gaps to my prosperity... personal relationships play a huge role... making plenty of new plans!
-- Boston,MA.

Your [study book] writings blessed our holidays. They were in fact the best ever, no drama, no emotional upheavals. I had 3 parties and, I never have any parties for the holidays! Thank you.
-- A Massachusetts Reader

Hi Toni.  I just wanted to say thank you for The Training. I now see myself moving into the life I have envisioned. It is a challenging road. yet it is joyful and peaceful as well. I appreciate your willingness to show up with everything that needs to be said and done. I appreciate the wonderful tasks that we do. They enrich me and bring closer relationships . I also appreciate good food, a lovely space and all thebeautiful, abundant surroundings.   
-- A West Coast Teacher

Thank you for being really-totally-ridiculously-like-wow amazing. I am incredibly grateful for the practice you have brought into my life and for all you have helped me generate. I used to measure my life by what I got; now I measure it by what I give.
-- Music Teacher, New York

Thank you for sharing your finely-tuned instinct with us always and helping us get off it.
-- Realtor, Boston

Thanks are long overdue. Not just your essays but so many things  said  about family. I remember one holiday dinner when it was pointed out to stop thinking of my mother as "a whack job". I remember you saying  "family is the source of  healing" as well as sharing upfront work being done with your own mother; seeing you interact and all the steps you took to make sure she was taken care of.

I had to move in with my parents and  I felt like I had failed at everything I'd aimed for. I was determined to embrace the experience as a lesson. I decided to surrender and take it as an opportunity to learn. We've been rebuilding relationship and now that I know, as an adult  not a teenager, I have a whole new appreciation. I really enjoy my mom's company. There is a tremendous healing in our relationship. I now see that I have a tremendous gift of this time with her. I am grateful.Your writings and insights are helping me do what works.
Thank you. -- A teacher from Boston

Hi Toni! Thanks for a great prosperity pajama call. I'm so glad to do the little glory stories you suggested, this is an antidote to inner critic, which has been strong lately ... because I have doubted my gifts this winter. It is nice to come back to my life purpose. Thank you so much, Toni, for your encouragement, love & support to stay positive and surround myself with people who believe in me.  I love you!
-- Teacher, West Coast

I have done workshops with you in New Hampshire. The first time I met you, two years ago, I was so sad that my children were leaving for college. You recommended that I make a library out of my son's room. Well, here it is two years later, I am very excited to finish up work on my library.  Thank you for your help!
-- P.M., New Hampshire

Thank you for sending the link to that video.It was an inspirational way to start the day.Watching it I am reminded of the tremendous impact your work has had, and continues to have, on my life.  The trainings that I did with you, the being willing to be uncomfortable so that I could create what I said I wanted, the affirmations...all of this shows up all around me as I continue to create, stand for who I am and what I want. Thank you.You are a shining life.
-- S.J., Vermont

It seems we have similar paths, but they have never crossed until now. I listened to the CD's again.  As I said before - too many new agers force a positive attitude, put too much emphasis on just manifesting with ease, and try to put a guilt trip on working at what is desired. You don’t do that, and I’m grateful for that.
-- Boston MA

Toni - you are one of the most amazing people on this planet. Through your profound ability to be dogshit-real and human in all circumstance, you have seared my soul, cracked me open, and allowed me to experience life fully, deeply and richly. This training, especially this weekend, has moved so far beyond rules and tools and packets, Your being so present to your mother's circumstance, to your own experience and then to each of us sitting around this table, rearranges all of us on a cellular level. Love, sorrow, laughter, joy, fear, anger, compassion held in such a trancendent way allows all of us, lucky enough to know you and be around you, to experience and express the divine. You are a profound teacher. There is no aspect of my life that you haven't touched, transformed and made better. I love you deeply.
-- Client; New York

Toni; we met twenty five years ago and even though I did not see you for years, I don't know where I would be without you. Your teachings and coaching made it possible to be with my mother at the end. My life is growing and expanding and being broken open because of you. there is a card that I save to my mother that said "I know what love is because of you" I could have given the card to you as well. My life is purer, richer, and more joyful because of you. Thank you.
-- Student, Vermont

Training keeps me on task with what is important in my life. Weekend conversations are nutrition. I've changed the way I view life with support from others. The love at the trainings is humbling and empowering. Much is shared. Life is fuller and I'm more in charge of results, each day.
-- Education Specialist, Portsmouth NH

The training keeps me on purpose with my life. It reminds me it's okay not to be perfect. I've learned to eliminate low-grade companions. I streamline accomplishments in right order. Also, I'm full of gratitude. I have embraced prosperity for myself as well as others. I've learned to contribute to others. I use the tools on a daily basis . This is new for me. It takes constant practice. Being in training gives me that renewal of direction.
-- Homeopathic Counselor, Salem MA

In trainings I'm inspired to keep giving, no matter what. I'm helped to go beyond where I have gone. What gets said is what I need to hear. I count on these weekends as a light. Courses are well thought out and I am grateful. My life is a miracle. These trainings wake me up to it.
-- Executive Sales Trainer, Williamstown VT

The wisdom encountered in weekends expands my ability to love. Trainings help me live what I speak. I am empowered to reveal myself and live with passion. Since participating I find I can more easily teach what I've learned.
-- Executive Office Manager, Shelburne VT

These trainings are one of the most significant contributions to my work. I discover patterns that support success. I practice them. Now I can see obstructions as they occur. This gives me choices I didn't have. I look forward to trainings for the continual intrusion into previous reactivities. I am so grateful.
-- Landscape Designer, Portsmouth NH

Attending trainings has taught me deeper ways of gratitude, unrelenting generosity, and incredible persistence. Today I can laugh at overwhelm and keep handling daily details.
-- Restaurant Owner, Queechee VT

The biggest change from being in training is maintaining a more rigorous and consistent daily prosperity practice with others, as opposed to the private practice I've hidden in. Also, I've started tithing regularly for immediate results. Before, I had many stops in my tithing practice resulting in inconsistent cash flow. I've experienced increases in business and money with the training.
-- Career Counselor, Williston VT

Doing training has given me a new future, clearly unlike my past. Sharing has enabled new, intimate relationships. I have grown to trust and value insights and truth. Without change, there's no growth so I've taken those insights into everyday life and seen how I operate. I am now more aware of where I need to change. It all started at the training. I am so incredibly grateful.
-- Teacher, Salem MA

Toni Stone, I admire that you  seek mastery in every area....  I am inspired and feel promise that I, too, will not be disappointed in a similar journey. I admire that you make all those quilts for the elderly.  I admire that you are so good to your mother.... I love that you married a man who is happy with you.... in a hotel room cutting out magazines for classes! I admire that you have the energy and looks of a much younger person.  I love your hip style. I admire your generous and thoughtful nature. You are a powerful force for positive change.  I have grown and continue to grow as a direct result of your influence. 
-- NH Writer

i acknowledge you for simply holding space for progress to show up , then creating out of that. . .
i praise your commitment to everyone’s life working.
thank you.
-- Health care worker, Vermont
you never give up.
your understanding reflects knowledge.
you are kind and compassionate.
you alway give more.  heaven is grateful.
you are blessed.  thank you. -- Writer, Vermont

i acknowledge how you continue to make life work and your commitment to helping us all win. i love how you find humor in what looks like trouble and your commitment to so many partnerships.
-- Real estate agent, Vermont
i acknowledge your willingness to let us sail with you even when we are anchors. i am grateful for your teaching in every moment and instance... for allowing me to observe leadership in action..... all the time.
-- Engineer, Vermont

you show generosity in your sharing. you don't just teach it. i admire your courage to say  truth; to not need to be liked. you don't let me get away with not following through with what i say i want.
Body wisdom teacher, Massachusetts
thank you for strength, wisdom and your dedication to support me to my highest good. i acknowledge that you give beyond what i can imagine. you anticipate and give even before the need is seen by us.  i am so grateful for all you do and all the chances i have to spend time with you.
-- Nurse, Vermont

i acknowledge you for simply holding the space for "whatever” to show up and then creating out of that. 
i praise your commitment to everyone’s life working. thank you.
-- Nurse, Vermont
thank you Toni for your loving presence and holding me to showing up how i said i would be; i appreciate your vulnerability and strength in working with everyone in the trainings; and all your giving. thank you. . -- Musician, Washington

Thank you for helping me to receive the teachings of Quan Yin and the many lessons I've learned since. I am certain that the teaching during [my training] will last a lifetime. They have had a consistent impact. -- JD, Vermont

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